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Vacation Breakfast

Last week my hubby and I went on a great vacation to sin city Las Vegas for a whole week. I am always worried when I go on vacation especially for an entire week because I know there will be many temptations that may throw me of track. If your like me you will want to experience it all and here’s how you can without gaining a ton of weight. For breakfast I would have a something light like a fruit dish and my hubby would order an omelette with egg whites then we would share each others dishes. This way I would be getting some of my protein in to help jump start my day but not over indulge with all the added calories and carbs that most breakfast plates have. This is a great way to stay on track and start the day with a well rounded breakfast without consuming a ton of calories. It’s always best to share your meals when you can and always drink water with your meals.  It’s Sin City you can go to the corner store and get cheap wine, coolers, beers and slushies  after dinner, don’t pay those crazy restaurant prices for booze.

Note: The fitness rooms in the Vegas hotels are pricy, even if you are a guest. So to burn off any additional calories I suggest walking the strip at least once or twice a day. Make sure you have comfy running shoes. In the evenings go dancing, there are tons of places to  dance in vegas, just get there early so you don’t have to pay cover. Ladies and gents I gained 2 pounds on this trip. Yes I indulged in treats and yes I drank those fantastic slushies and mojito’s pretty much every night. So go ahead and enjoy Sin City, I sure did and remember if you share your treat, drinks, and meals with your partner your only taking in half of those calories.

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