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Tricks to Eating Out

I have received a few inquires on what I do when I go out for dinner or when I am on vacation. How do you stay on track is the most common question. I would like to share a few rules I keep with me at all time while out on the road traveling or having a romantic dinner with my hubby. The picture above was taken at a restaurant on our vacation to Atlanta. Gumby and Pokey enjoyed the adventure just as much as we did.

The Bad Buzz Words that makes Amanda Run the other way:
  • Creamy Sauce/Dressings…. RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Deep Fried… If I have to explain this I will smack you
  • Pan Seared.. There has to be oil in that pan for it to not stick
  • Anything Blackened.. It’s like a pound of butter to blacken that piece of meat
  • Lightly Battered/Fried… This does not make it less fattening
  • Sauteed… NO NO NO
  • Au Gratin… this means the food is topped with something unhealthy like breadcrumbs, cheese, breadcrumbs and cheese, etc. AVOID this word, just because it sounds fancy doesn’t mean it’s healthy.
General Notes:
  • Good restaurants will accommodate your dietary needs.
  • Some restaurants will have their nutritional values posted for their menu items online.
  • Salads make me laugh. Most salads have higher calories, fat and sodium content then a steak or chicken meal. Don’t believe me check it out the next time you look up nutritional information on your favourite restaurant.
  • Share your dish. My husband and I often share our dishes when we are on vacation. The portions are often huge and we save money in the process. My favourite dish to share is Chicken or Steak Fajita’s. Soooo much food and you control what you want on it.
  • Order from the kids menu. There is no shame.
  • Plan what you will eat before you go. Sometimes it take a few extra moments to decipher a menu. This way you will be prepared to order and will most likely be waiting on your company. DO NOT look at the menu.. just sip your water, play with your phone and wait patiently.
Amanda’s Top 5 Questions/Comments to the Waiter:
  • Hold the cheese please…
  • Dressing on the side please…
  • Instead of the potatoes, rice, pasta etc..can I please have a second helping of veggies or a small side salad?
  • What’s the smallest steak you can make? Yes I have used this and got a pretty small steak….
  • Hold the Pepper Corn Cream Sauce or BBQ Sauce.. It’s amazing how good a steak tastes without all that added stuff.
Amanda’s Friendly Buzz Words:
  • Steamed
  • Baked
  • Grilled
  • Balsamic Vinaigrette
  • Honey Mustard
  • Au Jus
  • Roasted
  • Garden Fresh
Amanda’s Temptation Dessert:
  • I always look at the dessert menu and if there is something that stands out then I order it and share it with my hubby. By sharing your only consuming half the calories.
  • I also will not have an appetizer if I know I am going to have dessert. For starters I just can’t eat that much food and secondly I would much rather have dessert then a plate of calamari or stuffed mushroom caps.

There you have it, Amanda’s top tips and tricks when eating out or on vacation (P.S if on vacation don’t be afraid to use the fitness room if your hotel has one.) If you have a tip and would like to share it please feel free to add it in the comments section below.

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