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Egg in a Cup

This is my absolute favorite meal to eat. Egg in a Cup!!! I actually run around the house singing egg in a cup bup bup bup egg in a cup. that is how excited I get when I make this simple dish. This is another dish I modified from the Hungry Girl Cookbooks. I am not a big fan of oil, butter, low fat butter flavour spray so when i am able to avoid this ingredient I do. This entire recipe is 2 weight watcher points (old) so feel free to add a side like a nice bowl of fruit or what ever your heart desires.


3 egg whites
1 strip of low fat turkey bacon cut into pieces (the type I use is 30 calories and 1g of fat for one piece)
1 low fat laughing cow wedge cut into a few pieces
1 chopped green onion stem or any other veggie you might like such as onions mushrooms or peppers.


  1. Put 3 egg whites in a microwave safe mug it has to have some depth to it as the egg whites will grow and can spill over the cup. The christmas mug in the picture above is my dedicated egg in a cup mug it’s the perfect shape and size.
  2. Place mug in a microwave and cook 20 seconds at a time until the egg whites are cooked. Stirring occasionally.
  3. Add the chopped green onion, laughing cow cheese bits, turkey bacon and stir until nicely combined.
  4. Place in microwave for another 15 seconds to set, remove and enjoy.

Egg in a Cup
Note: It’s a good idea to soak the mug in some hot water once your done so the egg is easier to wash off the mug.

The plate used in the picture is the same plate used in the first picture above. It’s quite a lot food for a low point value.


3.0 points per serving | Weight Watchers Original Points
3.0 points per serving | Weight Watchers Points Plus
2.0 points per serving | Weight Watchers SmartPoints

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  1. ash

    Really good. I have this for breakfast and lunch sometimes lol. I love it. I add bell pepper to it. Yum šŸ™‚

    1. Amanda

      Hello Ash,

      I will have to try this will bell peppers sounds like a yummy addition. I have added salsa and a bit of taco seasoning for a mexican flare. My Hubby went one step further and added left over chicken once. Smelt delicious.

      Thank You,
      Amanda Tan

  2. sheryl spencer

    You can always spray your cup with cooking spray before you cook it. I have been cooking eggs in the microwave in a bowl like this for years. Another neat idea is to use a ziploc bag and cook them in boiling water in a pot. Also very good!

  3. sheryl spencer

    Question: you cook the turkey bacon before you add it to your cup right? It’s precooked?

    1. Amanda

      The turkey bacon I buy is pre-cooked, I just add it to the cup and heat for an extra 15 mins.

  4. Dee

    Can I use regular eggs as opposed to egg whites?

    1. Amanda

      Hello Dee,

      Yes, you can use regular eggs as well. My husband makes his egg in a cup with the full egg. Just make sure you watch the microwave when cooking as the time will vary. Best to cook at 15 second intervals until fully cooked.

      Thank you,

  5. Christie Smith

    Oh my gosh, I had this today. It was amazing!!!! Loved the Laughing Cow Swiss added in. Absolutely delicious!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Christie Smith,

      The laughing cow cheese makes all the difference to the flavour and texture. Glad you loved it.


  6. Carol

    i made this in a mason jar. It worked perfectly and I was able to take it to work and zap the last 15 seconds there!

    1. Amanda


      How wow, that’s interesting. So you cooked it to almost done and then finished off for another 15 seconds later? Need to suggest this to hubby for lunch idea then.

      Thx, Amanda

  7. Jayna

    Has anyone tried this with egg beaters?

    1. Amanda

      I have tried this with egg beaters. It works, but I personally do not like the texture so I just use egg whites.

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