Vietnamese Fresh Roll

My hubby and I often buy these when we are in the mood for take out and I am to lazy to cook. One day we watched the man make them behind the counter and thought to our selves wow that’s not to complex.

What you will need for one serving (6 WW Points)

  • 3 Rice Papers
  • 1 cup of lettuce any type sliced thin like strings
  • .5 cup Vercimille Rice Noodles
  • 9¬†cooked shrimp (3 shrimp per roll)

Prepare rice noodles and paper according to package. Lay your ingredients on the rice paper and roll. All the instructions are outlined on the packaging for the Rice Paper. Just follow that and you can’t go wrong. It’s 3 WW points for the rice noodles and the rice paper together so if you use a different meat or no meat all you will need to adjust the point value. Tip for the lettuce I use the pre packages salads because they also have purple cabbage and shredded carrots.

Sauce: Low Fat Peanut butter mixed with Hoisin Sauce and Chilli Sauce. Add some water to thin it and enjoy. Point value not sure average 1 point per tablespoon.

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