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The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises

If I could recommend any book to get you motivated to start working out, this would the book: My fitness bible is the The Women’s Health Big Book of Exercises. As you can see from the condition of the book in the picture above, I use this book a lot. The last few pages of this book have amazing pre-planned workouts, and all workouts are completed within 20-30 mins. I have completed them all and my favourite one is the Hardbody Workout. I used this one before the wedding to sculpt my body especially my back muscles as you can see in the picture below I had BACK FAT. Wow look at the difference in those muscles after following the workout program.

If you are a beginner with weights, I suggest starting out with 5 or 8 pound weights. However if you are intermediate, I suggest 8 to 10 pound weight. Depending on the exercise, I will use any where from 5 to 12 pound weights. If you happen to buy this book, I truly hope you enjoy it as much as I do. It completely transformed my body, but you have to be dedicated to the workouts at least 3 to 4 days a week to see a difference.

Well there you have it another tip from Amanda’s tickle truck of Secrets and Goodies. For more information on staying healthy and added tips and tricks please visit the Women’s Health Website as it is a great resource for health information for women.

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