Generic Food List with Points for Weight Watchers

After a few Weight Watcher conversations with my fellow foodie followers, I decided to share this website Generic Food’s Weight Watchers . It contains a pretty hefty list of various foods and what the WW point value is for each of them. Everything you can think of from A-Z is in this list. I used and still use this site throughout my day to day meal planning. It helps me keep track of what I am eating and the points for each item. It’s a great resource and I hope you’ll use it just as much as I do.

2 thoughts on “Generic Food List with Points for Weight Watchers

    1. amanda Post author

      Hi Cristal,

      I agree. I love having the list handy especially when shopping. There’s an app on the Iphone (not sure if it’s on android phones) called Diet Watchers Diary. It has all the points and a calculator so when your shopping all you need to do it enter the numbers and it calculates the points for you. It is a fantastic app I use all the time. You can set it up for either the new or old point system.

      Thanks Cristal,


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