Twisted Yogurt Creations

When it comes to sweet treats while out an about or simply just because, I like to stop at Twisted Yogurt. This is my absolutely favourite place to visit. All their yogurt is fat free except for the chocolate; it’s low fat. You select your cup size and flavour. Once your yogurt is in the cup, head on over to the treat bar where they have a huge selection of goodies to top off your frozen treat. In the cup above Mel added dried cranberries, fresh strawberries and these little balls of greatness. I don’t know what they are called but when you bit into them you get a crazy burst of awesome flavor. When we go we get one cup and share it. One, sharing makes is more like a cute high school date and two it saves on calories. A treat is a treat and should be consumed and enjoyed in moderation. Please click here for the location closest to you.

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