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Pimm’s the British Iced Tea

At the end of May 2013, the hubby and I jumped on a plane to headed London. UK for 2 weeks. It was an incrediable journey, one I will never forget. One of the most popular drinks in London besides Beer is Pimm’s. You see Pimm’s advertising everywhere and it’s by far the most refreshing drink you will ever have. We enjoyed Pimm’s so much that we did a Pimm’s Crawl one Saturday all over London. Considering there’s a pub on every corner it was not so hard to do. So next time your wondering what to make for you and your guests, ask youself this.. Is It Pimm’s O’clock??


  • Pimm’s
  • Diet Lemonaid Carbonated (I purchased my at superstore and it’s the PC brand)
  • 2 fresh Mint leaves
  • 1 whole Strawberry sliced
  • 1 Lemon wedge or slice (I add 1-2 slices)
  • 1 Lime wedge or slice (I add 1-2 slices)
  • A few slices of Cucumber
  • Ice (I perfer crushed)


  • Add the fruits, veggies and mint to a tall glass and fill with ice.
  • Add 1.5 ounces of Pimms.
  • Top up with the carbonated Diet Lemonaid drink
  • Stir to mix everything up. Serve and Enjoy. The challenge will be stopping at one.

Pimms' Oclock

London Pimm's Pimms wall

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