Eating Out at West Edmonton Mall

Here’s a common scenario around the holiday’s. You are at West Edmonton Mall performing an all day marathon of shopping. It’s around 5 pm and your stomach starts growling. You start heading to the food court and examine the dinner choices around you, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Asian or Indian food. All high in fat, sodium and TONS of Calories. When I am at West Edmonton Mall and the hunger bug hits me, I head to the food court by the mini golf. There’s a great healthy fast food place here called FRESHII. It has a great selection of healthy food and the best part is you can select what goes into your food. For simplicity sake I always order the Protein Salad (it’s my favourite). It contains almonds, tuna, spinach, tomatoes, and other goodies. Also, make sure you order your dressing on the side. This way you can control the amount of added calories from your dressing.

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