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Butternut Squash Crispy Fries

I love fries but I haven’t touch them since I changed my eating habits (maybe I steal one from the hubby now and then as a treat). Here’s a great alternative to fries: Sweet Potato FriesĀ 


If you want to make them slightly healthier, here are the changes I made to the recipe. I used half a Butternut Squash. I used less oil like half a table spoon. I baked them at 425 on one side for 20 mins then flipped them to the other side for another 20 mins. I guesstimate these are around 2-3 ww points. Butternut Squash is 0 points for a cup so I account for the oil and starch coding. I also sprinkled a bit of Miss Dash Garlic and Herb seasoning with a few sprinkles of corse sea salt. Don’t mind the picture I ate a few before I took the snap shot, I just couldn’t resist.

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    1. Amanda

      Hope you tried it. Let us know how it turned out. šŸ™‚

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