Vegetarian Chicken Spaghetti

In a hurry? Here is a quick easy meal to enjoy for either lunch or dinner.

  • 1 Yves Meatless Chicken Burger cut in to cubes
  • 1 Package of¬†Shirataki Tofu noodles
  • .5 cup of light tomatoe soup
  • Any additional spices like pepper, basil, Italian seasoning (no salt) etc.
  • A sprinkle of low fat cheese (about a tablespoon)

Drain and rinse noodles with cold water. Place noodles in a pre heated pan on medium heat to remove some moisture from the noodles. Add the chicken burger and cook with noodles for about 2 mins until heated. Then add your tomoato soup and any additional spices you wish. Sprinkle a little bit of low fat cheese and serve. Total WW Points 4.

NOTE: I always keep a pack of Yves meatless chicken or beef burgers in my freezer. I also have a few packs of the Shirataki noodles on hand just in case.

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