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Chicken Fajita Pita

Here’s another Hungry Girl inspired meal. Extremely easy to make and again the kids and hubby will love it.  I say inspired because I had an extra ounce of chicken I had to account for and I topped it with a tablespoon of low fat cheese. The total point value for the picture above (and below) is 5 points. The recipe, if followed to the letter is 3 WW points. My husband loved it so much he made me mark it as a definite meal to make again.


Once again I was lucky enough to find this recipe on the web. Please click here for the recipe.

The Final Product

There was so much food I could not stuff it all in my pita so I deconstructed it to eat it. My hubby on the other hand stuffed what he could in the pita and used the rest as a side dish. Enjoy my foodie followers.


If you’re into the cook books, this recipe can be found in the Hungry Girls’s 200 under 200 cookbook.

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