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Couscous Egg and Veggie Scramble

This is a quick easy dish that is only 4WW points and takes 20 mins to prepare. I often make this on a day where I will be doing weights because it’s jam packed with protien. It’s a great dish for breakfast, lunch or dinner and is a great way to use up left over couscous from the night before.


  1. In a non stick pan, heat up one cup of cooked couscous. No oil needed.
  2. Push couscous to one side of the pan, add a little bit of butter to melt and add 3 egg whites.
  3. Once the egg whites are 90% cooked through, scramble the egg with the couscous.
  4. Add a half a cup of defrosted frozen veggie mix just to heat.

Makes about 2 cups of yummy goodness. Serve and enjoy.

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  1. nana

    this one looks really delicious!

    1. Amanda

      This one is totally awesome for a quick/easy dinner. Not much time to cook the couscous and the egg scramble is really fast.

  2. Weevil

    Can you do it with the yolks left in?

    1. Amanda

      Yes you can leave the yolks in, but your points will be higher because the yolk is where the fat/cholesterol comes from an egg. Go ahead and try it and report back.

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