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Laughing Cow Cheese Pizza

OK who doesn’t like pizza? I have searched and searched for a great low fat pizza recipe ever since I started my weight loss journey 4 years ago. I was in the super market in the bread aisle.  I happened to look down and noticed this package that said pizza crust. I was intrigued so I pulled out my WW calculator to see what the points value was. I could not believe my eyes 3 WW points for a quarter of this huge pita pizza crust thing. I thought to myself why not, lets try it out for supper and see what happens. HOLY COW this is an amazing substitute for any pizza lover and it only takes 10 mins to cook (minus the time it takes to cook the chicken). The recipe and ingredients are below.

Step One: Buy this crust at superstore

Step Two: Cream 4 low fat Laughing Cow Cheese wedges with half a can of Tomato Paste. The one in the picture is Herbs and Garlic Tomato Paste. 

Step Three: Add zucchini and mushrooms

Step Four: Add red pepper and purple onions

Step Five: Add 8 ounces of cooked chicken thighs and cook in oven at 425 degrees for 10 mins. I cooked these in the oven with a little bit of BBQ sauce.

Step Six: Take out of the oven and dig in. I will not lie, I had my one full quarter and enjoyed it so much I shared a quarter with my hubby. I could resist it’s that good. So good I danced around my kitchen in full enjoyment that I created a low fat substitute for Pizza.

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