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Campfire Bannock

This weekend my hubby and I were camping in Jasper. I just love the mountains, something about that fresh, crisp mountain air just makes me smile. One of my favorite treats to make while camping is Bannock. Bannock is a flat bread or biscuit made with flour and is super yummy when served with butter, honey or jam. This is an easy and fun recipe to make while out camping with the family. It’s really fun if you use a stick to cook the Bannock. I could not find a good stick to use so I just fried it in a pan with a little bit of butter. You could also use a roasting stick to cook the Bannock, just make sure it’s kneaded tightly to the rod before cooking it. Points value if I had to guess would be about the same as a slice of bread 2-3 points for once piece. Add extra points for the toping you decide to use. Since I cooked mine in butter I didn’t add any extra toppings.


  •  2 cups flour
  •  1 Tbsp baking powder
  •  2 Tbsp oil, butter or lard
  •  1/3 cup warm water, add more if needed


  1. Add all dry ingredients in a bowl.
  2. Mix until crumbly.
  3. Slowly add water and mix until dough feels soft.
  4. Keep working the dough till it holds together.
  5. Either make a small ball and flatten to fry in a pan with butter or take a small handful and wrap around the end of a green stick and knead it so it stays together on the stick.
  6. Cook over fire for about 10 – 12 minutes, rotating to cook evenly.
  7.  Serve plain or add a bit of jam, butter or honey.

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