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Weight Watchers Restaurant Helper

The picture above was taken at Posh Improvisational Cuisine in Scottsdale Arizona. My Hubby and I enjoyed this restaurant a great deal on our recent trip to Arizona. When we return to Scottsdale, it will be a must eat at again restaurant. AMAZING!!! If you are ever visiting Scottsdale, please go there. The experience, food and staff are just fantastic.

Let’s take a break from food for a moment. The worst part of watching what you eat is when you eat out. Be it with friends, family or a romantic night out. Perhaps it’s a fancy restaurant or just a small gathering at a coffee shop. When possible, I always check the menu before I head out. I want to make sure there’s a healthier option. If I don’t have time to check I most likely end up having the salad or say screw it and go for the full-on, non-healthy dish. That’s call self-sabotage people and the feeling afterwards is not a happy one. Guess what food lovers? All is not lost and yes we can finally enjoy a night out knowing exactly what we are eating. I stumbled upon a restaurant listing that contains the Weight Watcher points Old and New for the dishes served at a few main steam restaurants (Weight Watcher’s Restaurant Helper). I am hoping this helps provide piece of mind to all those food lovers out there. I mean come on, we can’t eat at home all the time.

Note: save the link to your phone so you will have it on hand for those last minute hook ups with your peeps.

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