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New Silhouette Greek Yogurt by DANONE

Hello to all my happy blog followers. I had to post about this new product I bought the other day and instantly fell in love with.

DANONE has created a new low calorie, zero fat, delicious stirred Greek Yogurt. The one thing I love most about this yogurt is that one serving contains 50 calories and 8g of protein. That’s a lot of protein in a tiny little cup. As everyone knows, I love DANONE’s Silhouette yogurts and I use them in my Basic Smoothie Recipe and my Amanda’s Special Breakfast Parfait recipes. This new yogurt by DANONE is just as amazing and can be used in the recipes just mentioned above as a great protein boost after your daily workout. Also, because it is stirred Greek yogurt, the texture is thick, much more thicker than the regular Silhouette varieties.

If I can encourage you to go out there and try something new, I would highly suggest this yogurt. If you do, please leave a comment letting me know if you liked it as well. I am just happy to share my new favorite treat and I am NOT being paid by DANONE to promote this.

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  1. jim

    and its surprisingly low in sugar for a flavoured lowfat yoghurt….got addicted to it when i was in canada…not available in uk 🙁

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